Hypsos is member of AGES – the Association of Global Event Suppliers.

Hypsos is member of AGES

AGES, the Association of Global Event Suppliers, is building up awareness for industry-specific aspects and promotes and defends the interests of its members in the international event marketplace under the label of AGES.

Its members are large companies from the temporary infrastructure industry delivering to the governmental bodies and organizers of large events.

Heide Agne, strategy director at Hypsos: “We are very proud to be member of AGES – the Association of Global Event Suppliers. Hypsos, with multinational & multidisciplinary teams, has great experience in world events, and therefore being member of AGES is of great value to us.”

Website of AGES  – Assosiation of Global Event Suppliers

Hypsos is member of CLC Vecta

A thorough understanding of the subject, themes and messages leads to creative visualization of the project content. The ideas are transformed into tangible elements that communicate the consensus driven goals of the project. Shapes, sound, images, light and colour are crafted to stimulate the senses and engage curiosity and interest. We consider the design through each stage from every angle and most importantly from the view of the visitor.