Corporate Interior

Early June Van den IJssel Business Clothing opened its doors at their new location in IJsselstein. Hypsos has developed the interior concept for their new premises and has built the showroom, office space and the canteen.

Interior of the new office is parted by an impressive staircase that is placed prominently in the middle of the building. The interior designer of Hypsos has chosen to place the reception counter in front of the stair case. Lamps above the reception ensure warm colors and a pleasant reception. The interior is the same on both sides of the stairs in order to maintain synergy.  Large graphics ensure the right company identity.

The large glass section at the front of the building has been used for the presentation of corporate clothing with modular presentation elements and mannequins. On the first floor Hypsos has executed the interior of the office spaces and furnished the company canteen.

Sustainable office interior

Van den IJssel Industrial Clothing strives for circular industrial clothing and has consciously opted for sustainable solutions when building their new office.

Various sustainable and circular solutions have also been applied to the interior.

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